Metal Finishing & Polishing

Finishing Solutions

CMI Industrial has the ability to deliver your product with the best finish suited for your application, from raw to full polish. These different finishes are accomplished through manual and/or automated processes.


Robotic polishing offers a significant savings on material consumption, with the capacity to work 100% autonomously. It also provides greater consistency in your product and speeds up the cycle time. Our robotic systems feature an automatic working pressure control system, for a quality product every time.


CMI Industrial’s metal working machines provide solutions for a variety of applications, including deburring, graining, finishing, edge radiusing, oxide removal, grinding and dimensioning. We use the Apex 2000 Series Wet Metal Machine, built for heavy production and designed to run multiple shifts each day.

  • Vibratory Polish and Burnishing
  • Manual Polish
  • Centerless grinders up to 8″ diameter tube
  • Glaser elbow grinding machines
  • Rough, Satin or Mirror finishes


The Loewer Innovative DiscMaster 4TD can handle edge rounding and orbital finishing in just one pass, processing steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Deburring and edge rounding laser-cut, plasma-cut and water-cut parts
  • Processing small parts from 20mm by 20mm

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