CMI Stainless Exhaust

CMI Stainless Exhaust headers are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials including 316L, Duplex stainless steel and titanium. The premium alloys offer superior corrosion resistance and durability. A unique, patented bending process assures uniform wall thickness and eliminates any rippling and crazing of the tubing during production. Semi-automated tungsten inert gas welding, plus heat treating of the complete manifold following assembly, significantly reduces internal stresses that commonly cause fatigue, corrosion and premature failure in most high performance applications.

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CMI Industrial – Featured Capabilities

CMI Industrial - CNC Tube and Pipe Bending

CNC Tube and Pipe Bending

Forming tubular stainless steel, mild steel and other materials is a core competency of CMI

CMI Industrial - Tube End Forming

Tube End Forming

Precision tube end forming can be accomplished through single or multiple hit end forming or rotary forming devices on small-to-large diameters

CMI Industrial - Robotic / Manual Welding

Robotic / Manual Welding

CMI’s fabrication experts have many years of precision welding experience utilizing state-of-the-art manual and automated welding equipment

CMI Industrial - Industrial	Mufflers

Industrial Mufflers

CMI is proud of its heritage as a designer and manufacturer of top-quality sound attenuation components and systems that have set the benchmark for quality and innovation

CMI Industrial - Water Jet

Water Jet

Water Jet technology has become one of the most recent technologies for machining metal materials.

CMI Industrial - Engineering


CMI’s design and engineering department is equipped with advanced CAD and product development systems which allow CMI the flexibility to deliver a full range of capabilities

Industry Leadership

CMI is proud of its heritage as a designer and manufacturer of top-quality sound attenuation and other formed and fabricated components that have set the benchmark for quality and innovation. CMI has enjoyed decades of a long leadership position by offering unparalleled products and services, thus maintaining industry-leading customer satisfaction.

CMI’s intense focus on anticipating and meeting customers’ needs provides the basis for excellence, which is delivered each day through the dedication of our skilled craftsmen and customer-oriented staff. CMI is committed to maintaining its expertise in engineering design and manufacturing, combined with a focus on quality and customer service. This creates a winning formula for making CMI a strong business partner and world-class OEM supplier. (ISO 9001:2008 compliant)

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