CMI Stainless Exhaust

CMI Stainless Exhaust headers are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials including 316L, Duplex stainless steel and titanium. The premium alloys offer superior corrosion resistance and durability. A unique, patented bending process assures uniform wall thickness and eliminates any rippling and crazing of the tubing during production. Semi-automated tungsten inert gas welding, plus heat treating of the complete manifold following assembly, significantly reduces internal stresses that commonly cause fatigue, corrosion and premature failure in most high performance applications.

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CMI Industrial – Metal Finishing / Polishing

CMI has the capability of delivering your product with the best finish suited for your application, from raw to a full polish finish. These different finishes are accomplished through manual and/or automated processes.

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Video gallery

This process takes a 400 grit finish to a # 8 bright polish finish.

Large capacity wet media tumbling for bringing a 120 grit finish up to an 400 grit finish.

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